Frequently Asked Questions about The Cat’s Ask

I love cats but I hate their litter! Can someone—anyone—PLEASE HELP ME???

We hear you! Traditional litter is gross, dusty, smelly, dirty, weighs a ton and is expensive. There are a whole lot of things NOT to like about it. 

But if you have cats, there was pretty much no other choice—which is why we invented The Cat’s Ask!

The Cat’s Ask is a total re-think of the litterbox that results in a VAST improvement over other methods. It’s not just an incremental change—it’s a whole new and better way of doing things.

Not just one or two, but ALL the major problems you had with the old way are dealt with in our new system. (There’s a reason we call it a revolution!)

It’s MUCH easier, cleaner, greener, and less expensive.

Really! :)

What are the dimensions of The Cat's Ask?

The box itself has a footprint of 19" wide by 28" long (a little over 5" of the length is the front step). The height of the box from the floor to the top of the black seed bin is 10.5", whereas the full height of the cover (at its peak) is about 23", nearly 2 feet. We've been asked how much headroom a cat has when he/she is standing in the box... they have 16" inches to the peak from seed level. In practice, a cat will often stick his/her head out the front or the back of the box while they are using it, and seem quite happy to do so!

How does the Cat’s Ask work?

Cat’s Ask is a two-tiered litterbox that uses beautiful, natural safflower seeds as litter. The poop is scooped and flushed, and the pee filters through a grate and collects into a hidden compartment inside the box, and then is also flushed. Seeds are composted. The safflower is spritzed with vinegar and water, and stays fresh and clean for a whole month, even with multiple cats! It’s super easy and clean, and much more environmentally friendly. It’s even a whole lot cheaper in the long run. 

It seems like our litterbox always smells, even after we clean it. How is The Cat’s Ask better?

The Cat’s Ask litterbox doesn’t smell, even after a month’s use with multiple cats! If you are used to the old way of doing things, this may seem outrageous and impossible—but it’s true! And here’s why. First, since the pee filters through a grate and doesn’t just sit in the basin, it hardly touches the seeds. The pee does NOT sit in the basin for hours or days like it does with an old fashioned litterbox. Second, other litter systems are only cleaned when the entire box is cleaned, but not so with The Cat’s Ask! It is constantly cleaned with vinegar and water, so it stays fresh and clean between top-to-bottom cleanings. So because of its improved design and function, it does not smell. Think of it this way: when you buy The Cat’s Ask, it’s like upgrading from a stinky outhouse to a flush toilet: It smells for a few seconds right after it’s used, and that’s it!

I can’t stand all the dust in the air with traditional litter! How much dust is there with The Cat’s Ask?

The Cat’s Ask generates NO dust, because it uses safflower seeds as litter. And, of course, these beautiful and natural seeds do not generate dust. Therefore there is no dust in the air, and no particulate on your floors and furniture, or on your cats’ paws or on your hands or body as you pet them. It’s a natural and clean solution!

Traditional litter sticks to my cat’s paws and tracks all over the place. Which means I have to vacuum A LOT.  How can The Cat’s Ask help with that?

The Cat’s Ask uses seeds instead of litter, which won’t permeate the air and travel on their paws everywhere in your home. Imagine no more cat litter all over the place! Though the cats may track a couple of seeds on their paws, it’s easy to see where they are and sweep them up. We include a small broom and dustpan that is tucked into the storage of the litterbox for this purpose. And you can just throw the seeds back in the box, so this also generates very little waste.

Why does The Cat’s Ask use safflower seeds?

Because The Cat’s Ask is designed to allow cat pee to flow through a grate, it was important to use a litter that repels liquid. Safflower is a oilseed, and, of course, oil repels water, and also pee. We also wanted the granules to be a certain size and shape, for the litter to be compostable, and, ideally, a natural and renewable resource, to clean well when sprayed with a mixture of vinegar and water, and to be inexpensive. Safflower seeds have all of these fabulous properties. 

Why does The Cat’s Ask have a unique look?

The Cat’s Ask is a stylish alternative with its mod curves, innovative use of materials, and supercool flexible cover. 

And it’s just as cool on the inside.

The Cat’s Ask is designed as a two-tiered system. The litter seeds sit in the top tier. Inside the bottom tier is a hidden compartment where the pee is stored until emptied. This same compartment also functions as storage for a cat scooper, extra seeds, and the spray bottle for the vinegar and water. 

Great form AND function. How cool is that?

Exactly how is The Cat’s Ask better?

Is it more environmentally friendly? (Big time.) Easier to use? (You betcha!) Easier to clean? (So much easier.) Fresh between cleanings? (Check!) Will I save money in the long run? (A lot of money!) Will it be an improvement on the eyesore I have now? (You better believe it!) Is it manufactured ethically in the Canada and the USA? (Proudly!) Finally, would I rather support a soulless corporate monolith or an independent family- & friend-run business? (The little guy! Any day!)

Then you came to the right place! :)

Is The Cat’s Ask environmentally friendly?

Yes—it was designed that way! Since you flush the pee instead of landfilling it in clumps—and that’s most of the waste cats generate—that alone makes a HUGE difference. Also, since the pee is not in contact with the seeds for very long, and they’re spritzed with vinegar and water, the box stays fresher for a whole lot longer. Which means the seeds don’t have to be changed for an entire month, even with multiple cats. Also, the seeds themselves are composted when you’re finished with them. Which means no more bags of heavy, disgusting litter dragged to the curb and ending up in landfill. The Cat’s Ask places a priority on our beautiful environment, and seeks to protect and cherish it by greatly reducing our environmental footprint!

Why does The Cat’s Ask have a flexible cover?

We wanted a wow factor in the design of The Cat’s Ask. And, when our designer, Nick, suggested a flexible cover, we knew this was it.

Who knew a litterbox could look so great?

The cover is also functional. Cats like some privacy, but don’t enjoy being boxed in. The Cat’s Ask cover, with two large openings at the front and the back, is far less claustrophobic.

Since The Cat’s Ask is easy to clean and maintain, a boxy, ugly cover is no longer necessary. A light, airy, beautiful cover is so much better!

What are the main reasons to choose the Cat’s Ask?

The Cat's Ask has not just one or two, but MANY main advantages. It’s way easier to maintain, at less than a minute a day. It's much cheaper in the long run. It stays fresh between cleanings. You don’t have to do a top-to-bottom cleaning nearly as often. Cleaning requires cheap, easy, nontoxic vinegar (included in the start-up kit). The litter seeds are a natural, renewable resource. It creates NO garbage, since seeds are compostable and poop and pee are flushed! It’s way cooler looking. It’s proudly manufactured in Canada and the U.S. You don't have to lug heavy litter from the store ever again!!

What if my cat happens to eat a safflower seed?

Cats don’t normally eat their own litter, but they can also be unpredictable, so of course we made sure that safflower is totally safe for cats. If you happen to catch them eating a seed or two, don’t worry! It won’t hurt them—it’s actually fairly nutritious!

Where can I buy safflower seeds?

From us, of course! You will be able to sign up for our Express Litter subscription service and they will be sent to you as you need them. Litter will cost about $20 per month—very likely MUCH less than you are paying for litter right now—and they will be delivered right to your door! If you should prefer to buy them elsewhere, safflower seeds are also available in pet stores and gardening centers, where they are usually sold as bird feed. Please check on the label to see if the safflower seeds that you don’t buy from us are packed in a facility that handles nuts, if that is an concern for you or a member of your family! 

How will my cat adjust to using seeds?

The majority of cats adapt with no problem, especially if you take away their old box, as we recommend, and make sure the new box is tucked into their usual spot. You should also place a scoop of their poop from their old litterbox into the new box, so they recognize their scent. Remember, if you switch it out and nothing happens in the first hours, don’t panic—sometimes cats only use their box once or twice a day, or less!

Why do you use vinegar and water as The Cat’s Ask cleaner?

Vinegar is a fantastic cleaner for this purpose, safe to use, inexpensive and available everywhere. When you buy our startup kit, we include a spray bottle filled with half vinegar, half water, that you refill. Perhaps we could have come up with some expensive, so-called special cleaner you could only buy from us—but we are SO tired of greedy, polluting, toxic ways of doing things, and we know that a great many of you are, too! 

How is The Cat’s Ask easier to clean?

It’s the innovation in design that makes The Cat’s Ask so much easier to clean. Since the pee sits inside most litterboxes for hours or days at a time (or whenever you get around to cleaning it), no matter what you do, it’s going to be dirty. 

Not so with The Cat’s Ask! 

Since the pee only touches the seeds for as long as it takes to seep through the grate—so seconds rather than hours or days—it stays a whole lot fresher than the alternatives, even between cleanings. When you do clean it, that process is also streamlined. Scoop the poop, flush the pee, and spritz the seeds with vinegar. Less than minute a day, and you’re done! You only clean the entire box once a month, on average, and even that is a snap. It isn’t gross and smelly and heavy—and you won’t dread and avoid it like you used to!

How long can I use the same safflower seeds?

Safflower seeds last a lot longer than your average litter. How much longer? That depends on your own preferences and other factors, like the number and frequency of cats using the box. But, thanks to this innovation in design, it will last many times longer than traditional litter.

I have five beautiful cats. Should I buy one Cat’s Ask, or is two better?

That depends on a number of things, like how often you will clean The Cat’s Ask. If you work from home, for example, and are mostly around to scoop it out empty the pee,  and spritz, (and you prefer to do it more than once a day), perhaps one Cat’s Ask is enough for you (though with five cats, it’s pushing it). 

We use one Cat’s Ask for four cats, but they are relatively young and have no health issues, and we scoop it more than once a day and there is almost always someone at home.  But if we were around the house less, two would be more convenient for us.

How much money will I save by switching to The Cat’s Ask?

With our Express Litter subscription service, seeds will cost you about 20$ per month, which is likely less than you are paying now for litter.  You should also consider how much you are spending on cleaners and deodorizers, paper towels and garbage bags, fuel to pick up the litter, etc etc.—costs that will also be eliminated or greatly reduced!

How exactly will The Cat’s Ask save me money?

Since you don’t have to replace seed litter nearly as often, those savings will add up. 

The bottom line is, we don’t want to get you hooked on litterbox consumables. It’s an outdated, polluting model. We want you to buy as little as possible, throw out less, and keep your money! Which is why we recommend natural, compostable litter seeds that last as long as possible, encourage you to buy seeds from us or from local sources, and also send you a spray bottle that you can refill with simple, nontoxic vinegar and water!