You mean I can clean and freshen my cat’s litterbox in 30 seconds? Tell me more!

It takes 30 seconds, twice a day, to keep the Cat’s Ask fresh & clean for weeks.
Just scoop, flush, spritz, and you’re done! 

The Cat’s Ask uses freshly harvested, natural safflower seeds as litter.

And as your cat uses the litterbox, the pee disappears down a grate and is collected in a hidden container, and is eventually flushed. Right away it’s gone from the tray!

What’s left is a small amount of poop to be scooped. (Either thrown in the garbage or flushed.)

You will be amazed how little is left to scoop when pee is not an issue!

After scooping and flushing, spritz the seeds with vinegar and water. This eliminates odors and cleans the seeds—so it’s never left smelling like an outhouse.

Repeat this 30 second routine, twice a day. And clean and empty out the entire box about once a month—even for multiple cats.

Yes, you heard us right. The Cat's Ask stays fresh and clean for an entire month, even with more than one cat!