What people are saying: The Cat's Ask testimonials

Our four cats use The Cat’s Ask every day and we all think it’s fabulous! But will others agree? We put prototypes in the field and asked real cat owner for their frank and honest opinions. (In exchange we gave them The Cat’s Ask and litter seeds—but nothing else.)

Here’s what they say about switching to The Cat’s Ask. Watch the "highlight reel", then scan through our themed clips below it!

Our prototype testers give their opinions of The Cat's Ask... the easy, green and clean cat litter revolution!

What wouldn’t you do for your cat? Patrick, who noticed discharge around his three cats’ eyes, lent them a helping hand. But when he switched to The Cat’s Ask, his routine changed. Find out how.

Who does Jeannine tell about The Cat’s Ask? Pretty much everybody.

There’s lots of great things about The Cat’s Ask. But what stands out for Annie, a young student with two (adorable) cats?

How does it feel to make the switch The Cat’s Ask? Jeannine talks about the night her cat Chloe transitioned.

For people who are intrigued by The Cat’s Ask, would Jill urge them to give it a shot?

Will reduced levels of litter dust improve your home environment? Pierre tells a surprising story about what happened to him after he switched to The Cat’s Ask.

Do cat owners exaggerate when they complain about traditional litter? Jim, who is not a cat owner, describes his rude awakening when he agreed to look after Jeannine’s cat Chloe.

Jim sometimes helps Jeannine out by taking care of her cat Chloe when she’s out of town. She said this time would be different now that she switched to The Cat’s Ask. But what did Jim think?

Our dumps are overflowing, and municipalities are forced to limit the amount of garbage we can bring to the curb. This creates sticky problems for cat lovers who are left with too much heavy litter—sometimes more than they can throw away. But how does it feel when that problem just vanishes?

When Jeannine’s cat had digestion issues, she thought it must be the food. But after she switched to The Cat’s Ask and her cat got better, she wondered if perhaps there was another culprit.

Jeannine has trouble with her sinuses. Has switching to The Cat’s Ask help her breathe easier?

The Cat’s Ask is not just an incremental improvement over the old way of dealing with litter. It’s an entirely new method that results in NO garbage. Pee filters through a grate and is flushed, poop is also flushed, and the natural safflower seed litter is composted. What does Jill think now that she’s switched to The Cat’s Ask?

No matter how often he cleaned it, Patrick’s sister always noticed that familiar litterbox smell when she dropped by for a visit. With three cats, there wasn’t much to be done about it. But how did that all change after he switched to The Cat’s Ask?

Switching litterboxes is not something you do every day. So why did Jeannine decide to give The Cat’s Ask a try?

What did Pierre, a retired marine engineer for the Department of National Defence, first think when he saw The Cat’s Ask?

Love the smell of perfumey litter? For Jessie, not so much. Bad perfume and litter dust were two of her major issues when dealing with traditional litter. So how did using The Cat’s Ask compare?

How would an extra $50 in your pocket each month feel? Find out how Patrick appreciates his newfound savings after switching to The Cat’s Ask.

Small changes can add up to big improvements in our lives. Jessie discusses why choosing a natural cat litter can contribute to a person’s overall well being.

You want to invite your friends over, but what about their allergies? Here’s what happened at Patrick’s place after he switched to The Cat’s Ask.

How big a difference can a litterbox make? Annie discusses about how switching to The Cat’s Ask changed her bond with her two cats.

Use harsh chemicals to clean your stinky litterbox? Pierre says switching to The Cat’s Ask no-nonsense vinegar and water cleaner pays off in many ways.

How did Jessie’s partner’s mom react when she first saw The Cat’s Ask? Here’s what happened.

We’re used to hiding our litterboxes—but now there’s one to be proud of. Jill talks about showing off The Cat’s Ask.

Cleaning the litterbox is a big ask. Can you tell your friends it’s a piece of cake when you switch to The Cat’s Ask? Here’s what Jeannine’s friend Jim says about it.

You clean the litterbox! No, YOU clean it! Sound familiar? It did for Annie. But not anymore now that she switched to The Cat’s Ask.

Jessie and her partner Seth are young business owners with lots of demands on their time. Why did they decide to give The Cat’s Ask a try?

Hunting for litter particles all over your home is not a whole lot of fun. See how Patrick feels about housecleaning after he switched to The Cat’s Ask.